Our Vision!

Honest Nonprofit's Vision for the Future.

We realize there are many needs around the globe. Here is what we’re doing about it.

(Food For The Needy) “Sustainability” - This covers projects in America and Africa.

(Homeless Outreach) - American Veterans are a priority, and other general homelessness in the US. Starting in our local Cities and branching out.

(Community Clean up Project) – Starting local Clean Up movements that we can hopefully take National.

Food For The Needy, (FFTN)

Our ultimate plan is to have sustainable gardens owned by HONEST NONPROFIT in the US and Africa. We teach the local impoverished people to farm and be husbandmen to the produce we grow. This can also include animals to be raised as food. In America this would be great for Volunteers in multiple communities, including Churches and other Nonprofits.

African Food For The Needy,

- Same concept of growing and gardening except, use a portion of the harvested food, to be sold at their local market to re-invest back into the next crop. Get green energy such as solar power in the community and water filtration. Also on the African Side team up with medical staff there to help with sickness and death caused by Malaria.

Homeless Outreach, (HO) –

We want to get as many homeless as possible off the streets and into a community of tiny homes. Very similar to the “Kauhale Concept” In Hawaii. We would also follow the same concept (FFTN) of growing the food on the land to sustain the community. In America this would also be a completely “Green Community”. Also with the (HO) see if we can get partnered up with Doctors, Counselors and Social Workers on site weekly to help rehabilitate those that just need the help and services we provide.

Community Clean Up Project, (CCUP) –

This is a movement that we want eventually to spread across the Country and hopefully around the world. We are starting local, with groups of volunteers to get out on “public lands” and “dump sites” and clean up the trash. We want to focus on waterways as they tend to have a huge impact on the ecosystem. We would love to have the social presence in this Movement that inspires others to “Be the change they want to see in the world”. Use our Face Book page to post their local clean up projects, we will also add the stories to blog on our Nonprofit’s web page.


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